Rebekah: standing next to a 1997 (or maybe 1998) Plymouth Prowler...

Steve and Rebekah at the Arizona Proving Grounds on a special day in
May, 1996.

The day was special. It all started out with our son, Steve Redman taking his niece, Rebakah Converti to work with him on "Kid's" day at Chrysler's Arizona Proving Grounds, about thirty-miles Northwest of Phoenix. (Rebekah is Kathleen's 13 year old daughter and lives in Payson, Arizona.)

Chrysler goes all out for this special event. The regular work is put on hold. The second and third shift employees all work a modified day shift on this special day. Every effort is made to make this a memorable day for all the "kids."

("Kids" include the Drivers, Mechanics, Engineers, Office Staff and Management!)

Rebekah got to see all the work areas, from the shop to the office with all the computers. Steve even had a chance to show her how some of the computers are used.

She had a ride through the serpentine salom course in the Prowler (prototype) and toured the high speed track in a Viper. Maybe that's why she is so windblown. She had a wonderful time. I do believe Steve enjoyed it too.

She spent the next few days with us in Phoenix. She demonstrated that she still likes our swimming pool very much.